Nicole Nawrot

Director of Public Affairs



Why did you join Neogia ?

I joined Neogia because it is THE “place to be” for an immersion in the adventure of innovative technologies in the field of Public Health.



What is your comprehension of Big Data ?

Big Data is similar to a safe in which millions of data are stored securely. Designers from all fields come to mine data to fuel their projects and to gain time.



With over 35 years of experience in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical industries, Nicole Nawrot has worked on different roles in her career from her start in the surgical operating theater. She joins Neogia from Glaxo, where she worked in the Regulatory and Pharmaceutical Affairs department. Before that, she was Chief Operating Officer at Basilea and Codepharma where she set up the documentary system, among other responsibilities. She worked at Janssen-Silac,  subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson group as a Director of Administration and Logistics. Earlier in her career, she worked in the Parisian Public Health Institutions (APHP). Mrs Nawrot earned a degree in paramedical and social professions and got certifications in Pharmaceutical Industries. Among with participating in clinical studies, organizing international medical seminaries and congresses, she has a hobby for Crisis Management, Internal and External Audit and Inspection.