Frédérique Berbille

Executive Director of Clinical Operations


Why did you join Neogia ? 

It is highly motivating  for me to work on Health innovative technologies and enter the AI & data world, as there’s a lot to learn and develop. With more personalized medicine we should be able to increase prevention of disease, and improve our diagnostic capabilities. This can result in a better quality of life.  I wanted to share in the ambition of such a dynamic & innovative company.


What is your comprehension of Deep Learning ?

Deep learning is part of Machine learning and AI, a machine self-learning approach based on data, enabling through algorithms to detect some patterns and to establish some predictive analysis of those data. The Deep learning approach includes algorithms such as the artificial neurons network, the facial recognition & robotic vision.



Frédérique Berbille has a strong professional experience in the clinical evaluation of Medical devices. With a pharmaceutical & CRO background, she worked on Research & Development of drugs internationally for more than 15 years, in particular in oncology as project manager. Moreover, she has 4 years of ‘on-field’ experience as manager dealing with strategic scientific partnerships involving clinical investigational sites & teams. She also occupied the position of a trainer on Good Clinical Practices & Regulatory topics.