Franck Perronnet

Executive Director of Business Development



Why did you join Neogia ? 

For multiple reasons : advance my career (director of a BU/team), make a career change (from semiconductors to AI for medicine), work in a team locally, help Neogia grow from a start-up to an established and respected company, and because I believe in the market that Neogia serves and in the vision and investments that Neogia have made to grow fast in this environment.


What is your comprehension of Data Mining ?

Data Mining refers to the analysis of data from different perspectives and turning that data into useful information, establishing relationships between data or identifying patterns. Beyond this definition, I know that this is how Neogia makes its business in the medical and environmental markets. So data mining to me is what is needed to make sense of large volumes of data, for analyzing, predicting patterns to assist medical professionals.



20-years professional in the semiconductors industry, Franck Perronnet has worked on different roles in his career, from an ASIC and FPGA designer in the early years in Silicon Valley, to becoming an experienced and recognized technical sales professional, at both large accounts and emerging accounts. Franck Perronnet has a track record of sales development successes after winning several large customer programs in the defense, military, broadcast and high end audio fields. Franck is recognized as a trustworthy contributor, self-motivated and always willing to learn and accomplish more. Franck is also keen at sharing his experience and at coaching younger professionals. Franck has worked with Neogia since its creation by bringing ADI innovations in Heart Rate Measurement, SpO2, Vital signs monitoring and NIR spectrometry for improving skin health, to help Neogia succeed on innovative medical projects.