Chitra Dinesh

Chief Information Officer



Why did you join Neogia ?

I joined Neogia for its innovation and expertise in MedTech field and I wish myself to continue my career in a know-how industry. “I would love to be part of this growing company which helps me to grow in my career!


What is your comprehension of Healthcare valorization ?

My understanding of health care valorization is adding value to human health in terms of innovative technology, user-friendly, transparency in diagnosing and monitoring to provide better health care products which are easily accessible by all level people particularly elderly people without economic constraint.



Chitra Dinesh has 12+ years of experience in software development and project management. Before joining Neogia, Mrs. Dinesh worked at GFI Informatique, CRISIL Ltd, an S&P Company and Honeywell. She has strong working knowledge of the software industry, Finance, Aerospace, SmartCity and MedTech. She earned a Masters’ degree in Computer Applications in India and a Masters’ degree in Science – Computer and Communication Networks in France.