Anne-Marie Poliquin

Executive Director – General Counsel



Why did you join Neogia ? 

First I was highly inspired by Mehdi, by his vision, his perspective and his values and principles. Second, I was motivated to work for a company that focuses on developing AI technology and innovative solutions to assist the Health and Medical Community,  and ultimately to improve the wellbeing and health of patients. All with speed and agility. Third, I was curious to learn the language that my children and/or grandchildren will speak.


What is your comprehension of Data Bases ? 

A Data Base is a set of data or information that is collected and stored electronically (generally on a computer) which can be accessed and/or organized electronically as well. DB help store and manage data more efficiently  and effectively.



Prior to joining Neogia, Anne-Marie was General Counsel for Mars in Europe and for Mars Petcare worldwide where she aimed at providing compliant, innovative and proactive solutions to create freedom to operate for the business. Earlier in her career, she was a clerk of the Supreme Court of Canada. She also worked as a commercial  lawyer at McCarthy Tetrault, a top Canadian law firm,  and as legal counsel in several companies. Anne-Marie earned a JD degree from Université de Montréal and a LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School. Anne-Marie brings to Neogia strong legal skills , deep corporate and commercial knowledge, management and leadership team experience, as well as a passion for change and for finding creative solutions.