Alexandre Antiphon

Chief Administrative Officer



Why did you co-found Neogia ?

I co-founded Neogia because I had been convinced since my childhood that it is possible to have a positive impact on the world. I believe it is possible to bring about positive change in this world by our own efforts as individuals and collectively in a company. We started from nothing. Only with the willpower to advance can Neogia become the reference technological health resource for society. We have already undergone several stages to meet the challenge we set ourselves. We continue to chase the dream that we have set ourselves to achieve.


What is your comprehension of Medical Technologies ?

Medical technologies are needed to improve the quality of life of the world’s citizens. The miniaturization of electronic components makes it possible to envision that medical devices will make the patients’ lives better.



After a business school where he earned a masters’ degree in entrepreneurship, Alexandre Antiphon become involved in technology companies. Later in his career, he met Mehdi Cheraitia and co-founded with him Neogia in 2016.