Researchers sometimes work individually but often work as part of a group. A group can represent those in a single university, or as part of a scientific consortium, or be brought together in response to an agency or governmental call.

When research groups collaborate with each other across disciplines, the challenge and opportunity is how to make the most of incredible knowledge base of expertise.

Neogia has expertise working with researchers and our platform and systems are specifically designed to handle the complexities raised by such collaborations. These types of projects typically require the collection of disparate types and sources of data across geographies. The output can be for preparing of manuscripts, position papers, or analysis for further data mining.

However, research is a journey into the unknown.  Groups can sometimes form and reform quite quickly as research questions arise and transform into other questions. Besides, each research group has its own culture and strategy. We realize collaborative projects can change in response to changing priorities and opportunities. At Neogia, we have designed our platform to offer flexibility and be adaptive to various needs and conditions.

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As each researcher or collaborative group has an individual history, culture and way of working we aim to facilitate success. At Neogia, we take into consideration all these elements in the way we conduct and carry out our preparation and consultation process at the beginning of a project; we adhere to our processes and controls but aim to be flexible and adapt to changes that occur over time in response to changing priorities and opportunities.