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It is estimated 6% of the world population suffers Sleep Apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common type of apnea. Our ambition is to make self-diagnosing technologies accessible to as many as possible.
90% of people are not diagnosed. Sleep Apnea generates Hypertension, Heart Disease, Brain Attacks, Diabetes, Somnolency... Strokes increases 60%, Depressions multiplied by 3%, Road accidents multiplied by 5%.
$200 billions
This is a year's cost of untreated sleep apnea in USA. In France, public support for sleep apnea treatment is € 1 billion. Our ambition is to think & develop innovative medical technologies that are affordable and accessible.
The main caracteristics are the Algorithms that all together allows the determination of what we call: "The Quality of Sleep". Motio HW™ integrates mainly advanced optical and cutaneous technologies.


Mehdi Cheraitia

Mehdi Cheraitia

Cofounder & CEO-CTO

    Alexandre Antiphon

    Alexandre Antiphon

    Cofounder & COO

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      Following our participation at the CES 2017, we have had a positive impact in both the French and International press. As of today, find this new section reporting the last articles refering Neogia.

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      CES 2017: Neogia is ready for Las Vegas!

      The Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas from the 5th to the 8th of January 2017, it is the biggest high tech event in the world. Neogia has been chosen by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) to present its medical technology which is under clinical trial: Motio HealthWear™. We chose this international event […]

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      Interview of Neogia’s CEO at the New York Genome Center during the MedStartUp 2016 Event

      On the occasion of MedstartUp 2016, organized by Business France and The Galien Foundation to bring French BioTech-MedTech Companies to the US market through transtlantic partnerhips, Neogia has been selected to represent France alongside other companies and live major moments that make MedStartUp an exeptional event. Through his CEO, Neogia went to New York to […]

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